% Compatibility
This is a good match as the soft energy of the 2 will be able to calm the independent 1’s. The easy going two can make light of any situation, keeping the intensity of the relationship on an even keel. As long as the 2’s don't become too needy for company, the independent 1’s will love the attention the 2’s give with ease, making them feel like number one!
Compatible Traits
  • One balances the other
  • 2’s love to be led
  • Even temperament
  • No competition
  • Work well together
Incompatible Traits
  • 2’s can be needy
  • 1’s need time alone
  • Socialising may be difficult, one’s don’t need anyone while two’s like a lot of friends
  • 2’s can be lazy
  • Indecision will drive 1’s crazy