% Compatibility
A great combination as the driven and energetic 3 energy meets the ambitious 1’s. They work extremely well in business understanding each other’s needs. 3’s are the communication number and so need to be able to communicate their needs, 1’s revel in making sure that as the boss they can take care of whatever challenges come up, as long as they are told what is needed. A match made in heaven.
Compatible Traits
  • Communicate well together
  • Takes care of each other’s needs
  • Lighthearted 3’s can lessen the intensity of the 1’s energy
  • Both goals orientated
  • Both focused on self-improvement
Incompatible Traits
  • 3’s may tend to talk too much for the independent 1’s
  • Both can become too self-absorbed
  • Tendency to be workaholics
  • May be hard to get the balance right at first
  • Stress can cause problems for 3’s if they are not being heard