% Compatibility
This couple is a very good match as both need to give and receive love. They are willing to mediate and therefore have little difficulty finding common ground on most issue that arise. However, 2’s are somewhat thin skinned and have difficulty accepting criticism. Therefore both must be careful not to cause verbal injury to each other. Generally this won’t be a major problem because 2’s are by nature polite and show mutual respect.
Compatible Traits
  • Courteous and polite by nature
  • Love for strong relationships
  • Can be a best friend and lover
  • Social butterfly who enjoys ensuring everyone has a good time
  • 2’s are very generous with their time towards others
Incompatible Traits
  • Do not accept criticism well and can be easily hurt
  • Being over-helpful can result in exhausting themselves
  • Juggling time between those that need help can put a strain on close relationships
  • 2’s sometimes need help to choose a direction and stay on track