% Compatibility
This pairing is considered to be a steady one as both 2’s and 4’s love strong stable family bonds. 4’s are the ultimate home builder and provider, and 2’s are willing to accept a life plan and aim to be a best friend and lover in a strong family relationship. The only likely difficulty is that 2’s need to be shown love both physically and emotionally, whereas 4’s are not always some demonstrative.
Compatible Traits
  • 4’s seek stability and can be the rock in a relationship
  • 2’s are supportive and loving both physically and emotionally
  • Both seek a strong family bond and security
  • 4’s are willing to allow others to lead and are not over-bearing for 2’s
Incompatible Traits
  • 4’s don’t tend to take risks and relationships can get a little boring if the 4 doesn’t step out of their comfort zone occasionally
  • A change of circumstances where a 4’s home and income security is threatened can be challenging for a 4 to overcome
  • 2’s need plenty of social interaction, more than 4’s, so 4’s must be willing to accept this