% Compatibility
This couple has very strong and dissimilar needs in a relationship. The 7’s need for space and time alone could cause disharmony with a 2 that loves to be with their partner. If a 2 can compromise and fill their time being social, the 7 will feel more at peace. This pairing will need to listen and communicate their needs to each other effectively.
Compatible Traits
  • 2’s love of family will find positivity in 7’s need for a soul mate
  • In social settings 2’s will help 7’s with their awkwardness around others
  • Peacemaker is a trait in a 2 which can help with the 7’s aloofness and distance with people
  • A 7 with their intelligence and focus can help the 2 with their sometimes spoilt or lazy nature
Incompatible Traits
  • The 7 can be a deep thinker and search for the meaning of life, where the 2 is more happy to live in the now
  • The 2 is very tactful, diplomatic and cooperative, this can sometimes highlight that the 7 is not and could cause conflict
  • The 7 can be sarcastic and the 2 does not always find this amusing
  • When the 2 is not truthful the 7 could become serious and distant