% Compatibility
This paring can be described as wild and interesting with so much social and creative potential. A pair of 3’s have so much fun especially when they understand and support each other. But, which out of the 3’s is going to take care of the everyday, mundane duties. The problem with this match could be who if any is going to hold on to the reins.
Compatible Traits
  • Both 3’s are expressive communicators and joyful, they appreciate this in each other
  • 3’s have fun together and never know when to quit
  • The 3’s love that each other is optimistic and joyful
Incompatible Traits
  • Tension can arise as they are both often vain and extravagant
  • This pair are compatible when all going well and fun but when everyday life intrudes who will stand up to face reality
  • 3’s can be intolerant and impatient with others and themselves which can lead to disharmony with this fun pairing
  • Communication with each other is the key with this pairing