% Compatibility
This combination is one of the most social pairings. Entertaining will be never ending and they will find each other so very interesting. Out going and social adventures and travel will be numerous, the relationship will never be boring. While both are quite creative the mundane everyday management of money and budgets to fund their social gatherings may cause a problem. Neither can manage a budget.
Compatible Traits
  • Adventure and fun
  • Both are jovial and witty
  • Worldly and tolerant
  • Freedom loving and youthful
  • Tolerant and adaptable
Incompatible Traits
  • both have difficulty in managing a budget
  • Both can be irresponsible and extravagant, not a good combination where money is concerned
  • 3’s spirit may not appeal to the self-indulgent 5
  • 5’s sometimes chaotic characteristics may cause concern for the 3’s intolerance