% Compatibility
This natural combination usually works well. 6’s can provide stability, support and encouragement which the enthusiastic 3’s enjoy. The chemistry between these 2 can be very strong and long lasting. When the 6’s jealousy streak combines with the 3’s flirtatious nature, sparks can fly or fizzle. The 6 will usually need to learn to deal with the jealousy trait.
Compatible Traits
  • The combined chemistry and be addictive
  • Excellent communicators
  • Compassion and tolerance work hand in hand with this couple
  • The caregiver 6, will enjoy looking after the creative child 3
Incompatible Traits
  • The protective 6 could smother the youthful 3
  • Complaining and worrisome could impact on their communication allowed
  • The jealousy of the 6 could impact negatively on the jovial and dynamic 3
  • 6’s need to be the conventional adult could be tiresome to the 3
  • 3’s will need to check their superficiality with the responsibility trait of the 6