% Compatibility
Can these two be any different. The 7 will find the 3 intolerable with the 3’s constant need to move, travel, socialize and be on the go. The 7 enjoys being alone with their peace and quiet and requires little human contact. These two will not see eye to eye in confrontations and they will need to look ahead to see if they can compromise for the long term. The only way forward would be for an open discussion regarding wants, needs and future goals.
Compatible Traits
  • The focused 7 will love, for a short time, the 3’s joyful and talented 3
  • These two can meet in the middle to increase the 7’s fun and minimize the 3’s superficiality in social settings
  • The studious and sometimes aloof 7 needs the 3’s imaginative, childlike optimism
  • If the communication and life goals are the same this pairing can be a dynamic force
Incompatible Traits
  • More often than not this pairing will be a short-term coupling because of the 7’s seriousness and the 3’s superficiality
  • Joyful and distant can only go so far
  • The 3’s will not tolerate the 7’s sarcasm and social awkwardness at gatherings.
  • The 7 will want the 3’s to act more responsible