% Compatibility
This combination needs extra effort mainly due to the differing needs. The 3 needs attention and stimulation, but the 8, to feel happy needs goals and authority, this can be a conflict between the two. If this couple are to succeed the secret is to spend time together away, perhaps frequent getaways, the 3 will need the 8 away from the normal pressures of work to have fun together.
Compatible Traits
  • The 3 will love the success of the 8, the 3 will feel secure financially
  • The 8 needs control and tends to be powerful, the 3 is joyful, this can balance the two
  • Both good communicators
  • The 3 can be vain, so the sometimes jealous nature of the 8 can make the 3 feel important
  • Optimistic and realistic can go hand in hand
Incompatible Traits
  • The 8 can be sometimes emotionally detached, the 3 will not take kindly to this trait
  • The 3 needs to be heard, and often, the 8 will not find this easy
  • The 8 can be a provider and will not take to kindly to the extravagance of the 3
  • Superficiality of the 3 may not be tolerated by the 8
  • The authoritative nature of the 8’s can tend to conflict with the 3’s more jovial and imaginative nature