% Compatibility
What a wonderful combination, these two people will keep each other engaged and entertained in a variety of ways. These two both like to be on stage and both love people. They both generally care about people and the 9 can be over generous. The 9 is a wonderful teacher and the 3 is an ever eager student. The best part of this pairing is the shared experiences and absolute joy. This issues in this relationship will arise when they need to settle down, pay the bills and plan for tomorrow. Once they have settled, romantic and fun adventures will still be very important.
Compatible Traits
  • Positivity, creative, joy, adventurous are this couples most compatible traits
  • Both love people and tend to be compassionate and tolerant of all they encounter
  • The 9’s are self sufficient, the 3’s will find this refreshing as they will be able to do their own thing
  • Both can be generous of time and self, to each other and others
Incompatible Traits
  • When the 3 complains and the 9 becomes self-pitying at the same time, it may course hurt and conflict
  • The 9 can be very charitable and with the extravagant 3, finances can suffer
  • Money may be a conflict, who will pay the bills.
  • The 9 can be fickle and the 3 can be impatient, if at the same time can cause conflict
  • The 3 will not take kindly to the sometimes cold 9