% Compatibility
This combination is very solid and secure, they know that the bills will be paid and the future secure. These 4’s will share their combined goals and work hard for what they achieve. Their success will be measured by their sense of growth in their love and romance. The negative in this pairing is that they may never be able to relax and just be okay. Spontaneity and enjoying being in the moment will be difficult for these two. Nonetheless this pairing is one of the few that will be stable.
Compatible Traits
  • Both are reliable and dependable
  • Hardworking, devoted and trustworthy is the basis of this pairing
  • Both being down to earth and frugal will secure this couples future
  • Their combined strength and stability will be the envy of others
  • Their conscientious nature is to be admired
Incompatible Traits
  • These 4’s have the same traits, if the same behaviour at the same time, could cause conflict
  • This couple can be boring and lack imagination
  • They can be so focused on being conscientious and frugal that they can lack care in their appearance
  • Social awkwardness can sometime manifest
  • Empathy towards others can sometimes be lacking in these two.