% Compatibility
This pairing is driven by a mutual need for security. Loyalty and devotion will be present even though a lack of passion is present in some combinations. The 4 being the rock in the relationship will complement the 7 with a thirst for adventure and continued mental stimulation. This combination enjoys a life both secure and yet interesting for both.
Compatible Traits
  • The methodical nature of the 4 will value the intelligence and analytical mind of the 7
  • This coupling is both reliable, dependable, focused and studious and will work together well
  • The 7 can be serious and contemplative which compliments the 4’s methodical, precise and conscientious trait
  • This pair will pursue stability together as the 7 will be only in a meaningful relationship
Incompatible Traits
  • The 4’s need for stability can sometimes lead to being a tad boring, the 7 seeking adventure may struggle
  • They can both be socially awkward which can cause issues in the relationship
  • The 7 can be aloof and distant and the 4 with a down-to-earth attitude will find this difficult
  • The 4’s sometimes lack of empathy and emotion will differ to the 7’s contemplative and intuitive nature