% Compatibility
Both parties in this pairing understand hard work and have a good head for business. They both know about getting ahead in the world. The 8 has a grandiose approach to most endeavours, whereas the 4 is a more cautious planner. This is a comfortable pairing, the only problem will be, both finding time for each other and romance. This couple knows how to build a successful future and they will develop a very secure relationship.
Compatible Traits
  • Reliable and forward thinking
  • Both successful in own right and together
  • Efficient in time and money
  • Hard working and driven
  • Trustworthy and good judges of character
Incompatible Traits
  • Balance of power may cause friction
  • 4’s tend to be a bit boring, 8’s will need more
  • 8’s will not enjoy the 4’s sometimes lack of care to appearance
  • 8’s can be jealous