% Compatibility
There needs to be a very good connection between 11’s and 5’s. The 11 really needs the family to be united and a feeling of being loved whereas the 5 needs freedom to explore and pursue opportunities that may arise. These are different souls with different needs and they may need to continually compromise with each other. If the chemistry and tight connection is not present, this will be a very difficult partnership.
Compatible Traits
  • 11’s love social gatherings
  • 5’s love adventure
  • if the 11’s and 5’s can bring adventure and social outings together this could be a powerful connection
  • 5’s lust for life matches the 11’s love of having a good time
  • The 5’s need for an anchor could work well with the 11’s need for a best friend and lover
Incompatible Traits
  • The 11’s need for a relationship could easily bore the 5’s sense of a challenge
  • 5’s can get bored easily and the 11’s sense of wanting to be over helpful could lead to both feeling the strain of emotion
  • 5’s like relationships to be interesting, the 11’s could find this difficult as they wish to be helpful to others as well not just their partner