% Compatibility
This pairing can be a challenge, they have different temperaments and communicate in different ways. This can cause major conflict. The 22’s are very direct and the 5’s tend to be more indirect and diplomatic. 5’s desire change and 22’s don’t like it, how can this work. To be happy in this coupling they will both need to respect the differences and pay attention to each other. They will need to learn what is inferred rather than what is said.
Compatible Traits
  • 22’s Down to earth nature and the worldly 5’s can work well together
  • 5’s versatility can enhance the 22’s reliability and dependability
  • The methodical 22 will appreciate the 5’s adventurous nature
  • The social 5 will help the 22’s trait of being sometimes boring and social awkwardness
  • The 5’s will appreciate the 22's need to be the rock in the relationship
Incompatible Traits
  • Conflict can arise when the 5 needs to be social and the 22 wants to stay at home.
  • Stability is important to the 22, on the reverse side the 5 can be self-indulgent, irresponsible and careless
  • The 5 is freedom loving and the tendency of the 22 to be more homebound can be incompatible
  • After the first bloom of love has waned the 5 becomes bored, the 22 will need to understand and step up
  • The 22’s tend to be the stabilizer in the relationship, the 5’s need to appreciate this important trait