% Compatibility
This pairing will require great compromise, 5 loves freedom and space but the 6 tends to exert control and nurturing supervision. The 5 looks for adventure and new horizons but the 6 needs complete commitment. If this couple can find a ‘happy medium’ chances are they could be a good match for each other. They will need to avoid a tendency to become entrenched in positions that will not work for each other.
Compatible Traits
  • Both can be loving and sensual
  • Positive
  • Idealistic
  • Loving
Incompatible Traits
  • 5’s love freedom, but 6’s can be jealous
  • 6’s protectiveness against 5’s freedom loving
  • 5’s are worldly whereas 6’s are conventional
  • 5’s will be too cynical and jealous and suspicion