% Compatibility
With this couple the relationship will be more or less free of rules. This pairing can be very compatible. The 5 has plenty going and worldly and appreciates not have a demanding partner. This can work quite well with 7 values their own time to be alone and enjoy reflection and study in a private space. The absolute positive with this relationship is they will find a never-ending stream of mutual interest to discuss and explore.
Compatible Traits
  • 5’s quick thinking and 7’s knowledge
  • 5’s worldly and 7’s spiritual
  • 7’s seriousness will counter 5’s wittiness
  • Both wise
Incompatible Traits
  • The 7 can be socially awkward but the 5 is social and energetic
  • The 7’s tend to be focused and analytical but the 5’s can be unstable and chaotic
  • The irresponsible or careless 5 may irritate the studious 7
  • The worldly 5 may get bored with the aloof and distant 7