% Compatibility
These two individuals don’t always follow the rules, in this relationship they may find themselves always on opposite sides of the rules of the relationship. The 8 loves and wants to be the boss and dominate most situations. The 5 needs and seeks freedom from restraints. The 5 does not think about practicalities like money, but the 8 focusses on success and in particular financial success. For this pairing to succeed it will take careful planning and compromise on both sides.
Compatible Traits
  • The irresponsible 5 will love the stability the 8 provides
  • 8’s tend to be all about power, so the 5’s witty and social trait can help balance them
  • These two can balance each other
  • Adaptable and realistic couple
  • 8’s are driven to success and 5’s are quite dynamic
Incompatible Traits
  • The 5’s can be unstable and chaotic, the 8’s balanced and values control
  • 5’s are sensual beings whereas 8’s can be insensitive
  • 5’s may not like the authoritative behaviour of the 8
  • 8’s will not tolerate the 5’s self-indulgent nature