% Compatibility
A good love match as 11’s love to be in a relationship and a 6 is the ultimate family person. 6 requires a quiet life with home and family at the centre, so a 11’s zest for social gatherings could cause conflict if they do not communicate. Luckily 6s’ compassion and understanding has 11’s focusing on what is important.
Compatible Traits
  • 6’s and 11’s love being in a relationship and keep family at the fore
  • 11’s love the 6’s compassion, responsibility to family and understanding their partner
  • 11’s love to be loved and 6’s love to nurture
  • Home life with 11’s and 6’s can be rewarding for all in the family
  • 6’s are very nurturing and can leave 11’s feeling very secure
Incompatible Traits
  • 6’s have a tendency to smother in a relationship and the 11’s need to social with others could put a strain on the relationship
  • 11’s can juggle their time effectively but can leave them exhausted and make the 6’s feel neglected
  • 6’s can be a little controlling out of concern for their partner, this could drive the 11’s crazy