% Compatibility
This pairing tends to be a comfortable and traditional type of relationship. The 6 will tend to take the lead in this relationship and will need the secure home and family to be satisfied long term. Both will need to compromise in this relationship, something that neither is good at.
Compatible Traits
  • Both enjoy stability for long term fulfilment
  • 22’s are hard-working and devoted, the 6’s who are responsible and loving will value this trait
  • 6’s are self-sacrificing which compliments the 22’s devoted trait
  • The 22’s will love the 6’s protectiveness
  • This pairing will be loyal and trustworthy with each other
Incompatible Traits
  • The 6 can be anxious and worrisome, the 22 being pragmatic may cause conflict
  • 6’s tend to be quite maternal and nurturing, where as 22’s can lack emotion and empathy, these traits can be conflicting
  • The 6’s nurturing nature can be seen as smothering by 22’s