% Compatibility
A very compatible pairing. This pairing is rather practical by nature but charged with romance. Home and Family are of utmost importance and priority and second nature. A family is a must and the 6 knows what is best for their partner. In fact, they take great care of each other. The 6 by nature wants to direct the whole family, so the challenge may be, who is actually going to be in charge. This will be normally sorted out together.
Compatible Traits
  • Passion and responsibility
  • Understanding and loving
  • Home and family mean the world to you both
  • Both protective especially of family
  • Loyalty
Incompatible Traits
  • Each like control so this could cause issues
  • Smothering each other
  • If anxious at the same time this can be exhausting for each other
  • Tendency to become jealous
  • Too much suspicion could cause imbalance