% Compatibility
The 6 and 7 are very different people with a very difference view on relationships. The 6 needs a permanent and stable home, but the secretive 7 is not sure what the end goal may be, time will tell. There is sexual attraction, but this is a very challenging pairing. The 6 tends to be very controlling and the 7 just doesn’t like to be managed. There may be too many compromises required on both sides to manipulate both natural traits.
Compatible Traits
  • Once is a relationship both can be deeply rooted
  • Both can be focused and responsible
  • 7’s can be gracious and 6’s sympathetic, can work well together
  • 7’s can be social awkward, 6’s help by being loving and compassionate
  • The maternal 6 compliments the 7’s aloof and distant trait
Incompatible Traits
  • The suspicious and jealous 6 will exasperate the intelligent and serious 7
  • The 7 can be insecure which can cause problems with the jealous 6
  • The 7 needs more freedom in the relationship than the maternal 6 who can be quite protective
  • The 6’s wish to teach but the 7’s are introspective thinkers