% Compatibility
The 7’s are a very compatible pairing as no one understands the quirkiness of a 7. Together and with the right mindset the 7’s will freely explore the world and/or spend their time in solitude as one. This pairing is on the same psychic wavelength and you will surely catch the signals as the blaze by. Miscommunication or non-communication can be the downfall of this pairing, so it will be important to keep all lines open.
Compatible Traits
  • Focused and analytical
  • Intelligent and knowledgeable
  • Contemplative and serious at times
  • Both can be socially awkward
  • Spiritual
Incompatible Traits
  • Both can be aloof
  • Friction can occur with both distant and sarcastic
  • Miscommunication
  • Can both focus on what is not important