% Compatibility
This pairing usually works very well when the couple decides on a clear vision for their roles. The 11 is more nurturing by taking care of the family whereas the 8 looks after the family with their financial needs. The 8 enjoys the pampering of their ego by the 11. When the 11 feels valued by the 8 the relationship will work well, if not the pair can both be dissatisfied. This matching can be the classic traditional family model.
Compatible Traits
  • The match works well with the 11 being more nurturing within the family to the 8’s need to provide financially to the home
  • When the 8 feels he can control and be more powerful than the 11
  • The 11 welcomes the role to be more sensitive and tactful in the home
  • 11’s love being in a relationship and the 8 enjoy being taken care of having their needs met outside of the workplace
Incompatible Traits
  • The 11 is sensitive and the 8 can tend to be detached and insensitive
  • The 8’s can be too controlling over the 11’s
  • When the 8 is less tactful than the 11, the 11 can pull away from the relationship
  • The 8 needs to feel powerful in the relationship, this can sometimes then overpower the more sensitive 11
  • 8’s are a good judge of people and the 11’s will not necessarily agree