% Compatibility
This pairing is full of passion and romance, they are known as the “Dynamic Duo”. They are described as a strong and enduring matchup. In saying this, both partners can be easily distracted by events in their own lives. Professional goals and demands can often supersede romantic possibilities. Even though a solid relationship, the couple may have difficult times if they can’t communicate to show their own depth of feelings. They will need to make time for each other and work at being equal partners, care must be taken to not compete against one another.
Compatible Traits
  • Both are balanced and realistic
  • Business minded
  • Both good judges of character
  • Tend to be powerful
  • Both look for partners that are in positions of power
Incompatible Traits
  • Both require authority and power in the relationship
  • Can be greedy and cruel at times
  • Conflict if both require control at the same time
  • Can be insensitive