% Compatibility
These highly motivated individuals may find it hard and challenging to accept each other ways, they are motivated in different ways. The 8 seeks the reward from the development of leadership and material success, whereas the 9 enjoys humanitarian accomplishments. For this pairing to succeed the 8 will need to appreciate the giving and generous nature of the 9. If they can work as a bonded team they will be seen as a powerful and inspirational couple. Unfortunately, this combination fails to blend.
Compatible Traits
  • 8’s will give balance to the 9
  • Both are good judges of character
  • 8’s will enjoy the 9’s generous and romantic 9
  • Both can be successful in their own right
  • Both like a challenge
Incompatible Traits
  • 8’s may not understand to very charitable and humanitarian 9
  • 9’s can be cold and 8’s can be insensitive, at the same time? May cause conflict
  • 8’s tend to be more realistic and will not understand the 9’s creative and self-sacrificing 9
  • On the darker side 8’s and 9’s can both be insensitive and arrogant
  • They both may not be able to see the same material future