% Compatibility
This pairing is one that rarely lasts as they are so different. The 22 focusses on building a secure and solid world whereas the 9 is far more based in more social and humanitarian instincts. For this couple to succeed it will require both to be aware of how each are different in their approaches. They must also find the will to accept each other’s ways. The 22 will appreciate the 9’s intelligence and knowledge, and the 9 must likewise value and appreciate the 22’s determination and consistency.
Compatible Traits
  • Helpful and stable
  • Dependable and helpful
  • Able to spend time alone outside of the relationship
  • Both enjoy a firm path forward in their pursuits
Incompatible Traits
  • The generous nature of the 8 can be a conflict with the frugal 22
  • The sometimes self-pitying 9, will irritate the 22
  • Pathways will need to be the same otherwise disharmony with reign
  • 22 can lack empathy, whereas 9 is very compassionate
  • 22 will not enjoy the sometimes fickle 9